Why is the Coroner involved in the death of my loved one?

The following is a list of death in which the Coroner's office is contacted: - Accidental poisoning ( food, chemical, drug, therapeutic agents) - All deaths of unidentified persons - All deaths where patient is under anesthetic - Death occurring within 24 hours of admission at a hospital or health care facility. - Drowning, fire, exposure, acute alcoholism, drug addiction, strangulation, aspiration or malnutrition - Following an accident or injury primary or contributory, either old or recent - Incarceration - Known or suspected contagious disease constituting a public hazard, excluding AIDS - Known or suspected homicide - Occupational disease or occupational hazards - Physician unable to state cause of death, after careful review of medical chart, or decedent does not have a physician - Related to or following suspected self-inflected or criminal abortion - Sudden death of a healthy child

The coroner will determine if the death will be investigated or if the death certificate can be routinely signed by the attending physician. For more information, contact us at 574-235-5038.

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11. Why is the Coroner involved in the death of my loved one?
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