Check Eligibility Guidelines

The majority of checks delivered in St. Joseph County are eligible for the Prosecuting Attorney's Bad Check Program. However, we ask that you review the following eligibility guidelines before submitting your Bad Check Report.

Eligible Checks

A check is eligible if:
  • It was received in St. Joseph County, deposited in a bank in exchange for goods or services and was presumed "good" at the time of acceptance.
  • A "Courtesy Letter" was sent to check writer allowing 10 days to make the check good.
  • A photo identity document (ID), driver's license, or state identification card was reviewed and recorded at the time of acceptance.

Ineligible Checks

  • Post dated check
  • STOP Payment Check
  • Third party Check
  • Check accepted when both parties knew there were insufficient funds at the time of acceptance.
  • Check which was written as partial payment of an existing contractual obligation, such as rent, an installment payment plan, a promissory note, loan, or verbal agreement. These matters are more appropriate for handling in the civil courts.
  • Check was not received in St. Joseph County
  • Check which you agreed to hold before depositing
  • Check without sufficient information to identify the check writer or the amount of the check
  • Check for which partial restitution has been received
  • Check which has been sent to a private collection agency for collection