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  1. Wed Jul. 24

    Wild Wednesdays at the Playground - St. Patrick's County Park Families, come out and enjoy hands-on programs about some of the animals that call our parks home! - St. Patrick's County Park - Jaffe Shelter Seed Flings - Seeds can travel by hitchhiking, flying, floating and or catapulting. Discover how they do it and make a "seed fling" to take with you!
  2. Sat Jul. 27

    Poker - "O" - St. Patrick's County Park In this orienteering challenge, build the best poker hand you can. Start with five cards and a map, and find checkpoints to exchange a card. You choose your route—climb the hill or go around. Run or go for a hike—it’s up to you! Best hand wins a St. Joseph County Park fun pack. Registration and payment are required by July 24.
  3. Fri Aug. 2

    Sunset Canoe and Campfire - St. Patrick's County Park Enjoy paddling by the light of the setting sun and experience the serenity and wildlife of the evening river. Afterwards relax by a campfire and enjoy a s’more. Not recommended for children 3 and under. Registration and payment are required by July 31..
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