Index Page

Searchable Indices provided by the South Bend Area Genealogical Society are: 

  • Adoptions Index, up to July, 1941.
  • Adoptions Index, Superior Court Index (1908-1927).
  • Burial Permits Index (1910-1929), South Bend and Mishawaka, Indiana.
  • Coroner’s Records Index, (1879-1960). Confidential for 75 years.
  • Dentist License Records Index (1892-1975).
  • Divorce Records Index (1832-1980’s). Project in progress
  • Doctor and Midwife License Records Index (1892-1975).
  • Estate Records Index (1832-1980’s). Confidential Inheritance Tax information starting 1919. Project in progress
  • Firearm Permits Index (1929-1943).
  • Marriage Databases Index (1832-2013).
  • Name Changes Index (1832-1980’s). Project in progress
  • Naturalization Index (1856-1954).
  • Pensioner’s Index (1860-1890).
  • Time & Place of Birth Records Index.
  • Wills Index (1830-1971).

* Once a record is located, it can be requested either through the Office of the Circuit Clerk, or through the Department of Archives and Records, depending on the document.