School Board Candidacy

Running for Candidacy

 To run as an Independent or minor party candidate you must file a Petition of Nomination (CAN-44) this must be accompanied by a written consent for local office (CAN-45).

 After filing for office, a candidate must fill out a Statement of Organization (CFA-1) not later than noon ten days after filing for office, or noon seven days after the final day to file for candidacy, whichever comes first.

Finance Reporting

 Most candidates have to file a CFA-4 Receipt and Expenditures Report or a campaign finance report. Candidates must file this report three times during their campaign year:

  • Annual 
  • Pre-primary
  • Pre-election 

The annual report is due in January for current office holders or committees that are still open. The pre-primary report is due in April and the pre-election report is due in October. An election calendar is available at the County Clerk's Office.


District Maps

County Council Districts

Commissioners Districts