Prosecuting Attorney


The primary function of the St. Joseph County Prosecutor's Office is to prosecute individuals charged with committing crimes in St. Joseph County. Law enforcement agencies investigate crimes and turn the results of their investigations over to our office. If sufficient evidence exists to prove that an identified suspect committed the crime, our office charges the suspect and prosecutes the case. If a defendant is convicted of committing the crime, he or she will be sentenced by a judge.


In addition to prosecuting criminal offenses, this office assists custodial parents with child support collection, and assists crime victims with finding resources to help them rebuild their lives. The team in this office includes deputy prosecuting attorneys, paralegals, investigators, child support caseworkers, victim advocates, and support staff. Together we all work toward a common goal: making St. Joseph County a better place to live and raise a family.

Public Safety

My top priority is public safety. Working together with law enforcement agencies throughout St. Joseph County, I am committed to protecting everyone in our community, especially children and seniors. We will cooperate with residents, police, and other government leaders to improve our communities and make St. Joseph County a model for other Indiana counties.

Ken Cotter
Prosecutor, 60th Judicial Circuit (St. Joseph County), Indiana

Prosecutor Ken Cotter congratulates the Child Support Division on its outstanding performance and recognizes the Division for two awards it received this year.

Child Support Enforcement Caseworker Jenna Landry earned the K.I.D. (Kudos for Inspiration and Dedication) award from the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council (IPAC). Jenna has served as a support worker, enforcement caseworker, enforcement team lead and establishment team lead. This is a perfect demonstration of her willingness to grow and her ability to excel at any assigned duty or position. She has innovated an enforcement tracker that many caseworkers in our Office now utilize. Most recently her organization and dedication have helped increase the efficiency of our establishment unit. Having Jenna excel at her  position not only benefits our Child Support Division, but improves the community at large by allowing us to better serve non-custodial parents and most importantly their children.

The Child Support Division also received a certificate, It's Not Easy Being Green, for being "all green" for 5 years straight. The Indiana Child Support Bureau presented St. Joseph County with the It's Not Easy Being Green! 2018 Honor Roll certificate. For federal fiscal years 2014, 15, 16, 17 and 18, St. Joseph County was green in all 4 federal performance measures, which means that our performance was higher than both the State and Federal Averages for each of the past 5 years. St. Joseph County was the first large county to receive this certificate.