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Portage Manor Licensed Care Facility

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                     Est. 1906                                                                                                                       Robyn Challinor, Administrator

PRESS RELEASE -  8-27-2020

Robyn Challinor, Director of Portage Manor, has reported that a resident has tested positive for COVID-19.  Portage Manor is County owned facility where housing, nursing and other services are provided for certain adults who meet criteria for a residential level of care.

The resident began displaying symptoms of possible Covid-19 last Friday. She was tested and quarantined, pending the outcome of the test.  Those results came back this morning. The resident has remained quarantined. She is doing well, with mild symptoms of cough and low-grade fever.  It was determined she had been exposed during a visit to her doctor.

Portage Manor began immediately testing all other residents and staff. In addition, more stringent social distancing measures have been implemented throughout the facility, including dining and smoking areas. A high level of cleaning is also being maintained.  Although this occurrence places an additional burden on staff, their spirits remain quite positive. We are extremely fortunate to have such a dedicated team. 

There is also a temporary hold on new admissions and family visitations. 

This situation will continue to be monitored with the assistance of our medical director, Dr. Christopher Quinn, and our County Health Officer, Dr. Bob Einterz, and we will respond with appropriate steps as necessary. 



Robyn Challinor LPN/RCA

Administrator/Portage Manor