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Right-of-Way Variance

  1. St. Joseph County Drainage Board
  2. Right-of-Way Variance
  3. as stated in the 1965 Indiana Drainage Code (as amended in 1969), 36-9-27-33, to build.
  4. Ditch right-of-way at said location; and it is also subject to the right of the County Surveyor to remove all existing trees and shrubs when it is necessary to the proper operation and maintenance of the drain.
  5. and any additional structures within said ditch right-of-way are not permitted unless subsequently approved by said Drainage Board upon request in writing.
  6. edge of said ditch, said landowner, assigns, shall be bound to restore the topography of said ditch to that condition existing immediately prior to any maintenance or reconstruction of said ditch, pursuant to said Drainage Code.
  7. provided that all of the foregoing shall be null and void unless this instrument is duly recorded with the St. Joseph County Recorder by the petitioner within five (5) days of the date hereof.
  8. St. Joseph County Drainage Members
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  9. Dated this ________ day of _____________Year _________
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