Exemption or Deferral from Jury Duty

Jury Summons & Exemptions

The reasons for which you may be disqualified or exempted have been established by State law and are listed on your summons. Please read them for directions. Re-reading your summons will answer many of your questions about exemption from jury duty. 

You may be excused from jury duty by mail if you do not qualify or if you claim an exemption. You may not be excused by telephone.

Qualification for Jury Service:

 In order to be eligible for jury duty, you must be:          

  • A citizen of the United States
  • At least 18 years of age
  • A resident of the county in which you are to serve as a juror
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Not suffering from a physical or mental disability that prevents you from performing your duties as a juror in a satisfactory manner
  • Not under guardianship because of mental incapacity
  • Not a person who has had your right to vote revoked and not yet reinstated as the result of a felony conviction
  • Not a law enforcement officer, if the trial is for a criminal case 

    Any other reason for which you would like to be excused from jury duty will be addressed by the judge the day you appear for jury selection. Only the Judge is able to release you from jury duty, if you are not otherwise disqualified or if you cannot claim an exemption.