Health Equity, Epidemiology, and Data (HEED)

Health Equity (2)

The Health Equity, Epidemiology, and Data (HEED) Unit’s vision is everyone in St. Joseph County has the resources and opportunities needed for optimal health and well-being throughout their lives. We work to assess, understand, and improve existing practices. HEED mobilizes resources to address health disparities and social factors impacting health. A person’s identity and where one is born, live, work, play, and age should not predict how long or how well one will live. Our goal is to provide evidence-based, data-driven connections between health outcomes, root causes of health, and the historical context that creates inequity.

  1. Cassy White

    Director of HEED
    Phone: 574-245-6744

  1. Taylor Martin

    Social Worker
    Phone: 574-245-6757

  1. Jonathan Carmona

    Community Health Worker
    Phone: 574-292-9340

  1. Jael Jackson

    Community Health Worker
    Phone: 574-292-6692

  1. Frank Spesia

    Public Health Fellow
    Phone: 574-235-9725

  1. Mary Mumbi Wachira

    Public Health Fellow
    Phone: 574-235-1803

  1. Juan Esteban Baus

    Public Health Fellow
    Phone: 574-245-6664

  1. Health Equity, Epidemiology and Data (HEED)

    Physical Address
    227 W. Jefferson Boulevard
    County City Building 8th Fl.
    South Bend, IN 46601

    Phone: 574-235-9750 Extension 8