Properties for Sale

This page serves as a landing spot for parties that might be interested in purchasing real estate from various County agencies.

County Owned Property Sales (Board of Commissioners)

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for the disposition of land that is owned by the County.  In some cases, the County acquires property for infrastructure projects and has residual land that it does not need after the project is completed.  In other cases, the County might have acquired land for a County use and that land is no longer needed for that use.  Lastly, the County might have acquired land as a result of a tax sale.  In all cases, the County has to complete a process to dispose of the land before it can be transferred to another user.

The following are properties presently available for sale by the County:

Request for Offers to Purchase Real Property—Willow Road and S.R.2

Certificate Sale Properties (Office of the Treasurer)

The St. Joseph County Office of the Treasurer conducts yearly Certificate Sales for parcels of real property that are delinquent for taxes and/or special assessments.  The public auction will be conducted as an electronic sale under IC 6-1.1-24-2 (a)(10) online at Zeus Auction Program.  Each property will have its specific closing time posted on the auction website and property closings will be staggered beginning at 12:00 PM EST and ending at 12:00 PM EST on the date of the sale.  In order to participate in the public auctions you must become a registered member. For information on how to register and the procedures to place bids see Zeus Auction Program.  You must read, understand and agree to the rules of sale and payment terms. Once you become a member on the auction website, you must then register for the auction described in this notice, specifically.

Sheriff's Sale Properties (St. Joseph County Police Department)

The St. Joseph County Police Department Civil Division is responsible for the Sheriff Sale, tax liens and payments and the service of all legal documents including court summons, subpoenas and evictions. The Civil Division is located on the third floor at 125 S. Lafayette Blvd, South Bend Indiana 46601, which is directly across the street from the County City Building.  For our rates, fees and more information please call 574-235-9651.