IEC Area Management Plan

As part of the planning process for the Indiana Enterprise Center (IEC), St. Joseph County and its team of consultants thoroughly studied the area existing conditions within the 7,200-acre IEC area to mitigate the impacts of future development projects.  These studies were further developed with an eye on balancing proposed industrial development with existing agricultural uses, conservationism and quality of life enhancements to make the Indiana Enterprise Center a master planned development site.

In 2020, in coordination with the Town of New Carlisle Town Council, the Olive Township Trustees, the St. Joseph County Redevelopment Commission and the St. Joseph County Board of Commissioners, the Core Development Area for the IEC was established to further focus planning and development efforts within a smaller area mainly bound between State Road 2 and US Highway 20.  The Core Development Area is 2,920-acres of the larger IEC area.

The IEC Area Management Plan and the various appendix documents can be found at the specific links identified below.

Area Management Plan

Area Management Plan - April 2021

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