Juvenile Probation Department

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Juvenile Probation Department Mission

The purpose of the St. Joseph Probate Court's Probation Department is to do a timely investigation, provide accurate and pertinent information to the Court, make recommendations that best meet the interest of the community, the juvenile, and the family, monitor juveniles regarding their compliance with the orders of the Court, report violations, and recommend creative and appropriate interventions in a professional manner.

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Department Hours

Monday - Wednesday
9:00 am to 5:00 pm
9:00 am to 8:00 pm
9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Intake and Assessment Team

The Intake and Assessment team receives referrals from police agencies, parents, and schools. These reports are forwarded to a Deputy Prosecutor for review. If the prosecutor believes there is probable cause for a charge, the Intake Probation Officers will conduct an intake screening, called a Preliminary Inquiry, where the officer collects background information about the youth and the incident and then recommends the appropriate course of action. If charges are filed by the prosecutor, the Intake and Assessment Officer will keep the case through adjudication. Adjudication is the formal finding by a judge or magistrate that the charges alleged are found to be true; in the adult system, this is referred to as being found guilty.

Community Supervision Team

The Community Supervision Team consists of probation officers that conduct pre-dispositional investigations, supervise juveniles in the community, and supervise juveniles in out-of-home placements. 

Pre-Dispositional Report (PDR) Officers

 PDR officers receive cases from the Intake Team after they have been adjudicated. These Probation Officers collect background information on the juvenile's delinquency history, school records, mental health, substance use, family life and history, and other important information that might help understand what needs the juvenile has that are not being addressed, which is leading to the delinquent behaviors. This information is compiled into a PDR that is given to the judge or magistrate for review before the dispositional hearing. A dispositional hearing is the juvenile equivalent of the sentencing hearing in adult court. PDR officers also work with community supervision officers, youth, and family to create a Probation Case Plan for each case. A Probation Case Plan acts as a road map to how to address the juvenile's needs and what the youth and family need to do to successfully complete probation.

Community Supervision Officers

Community Supervision Officers receive cases after the dispositional hearing. Community Supervision Officers manage cases in the community to make sure that youth and families are complying with the orders of the Court. Community Supervision Officers use Evidence Based Practices to assist in teaching juveniles new skills that address criminogenic needs.

Placement Officers

Placement Officers manage the cases of youth removed from their homes and placed in residential facilities, group homes, or foster homes. Placement Officers travel throughout Indiana and the country to visit juveniles. Placement officers are tasked with making sure that youth and families are complying with court orders, and that the facilities where the youth are placed are safe, clean, and providing the services ordered by the Court.