Detention Mission Statement

The Detention department and employees are dedicated to offering residents educational opportunities and providing safe shelter through professional supervision.

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Purpose of Detention

The purpose of secure detention in St. Joseph County is to ensure public safety and to minimize the risk of failure to appear, while balancing the best interests of the juveniles and the needs of their families, as well as recognizing the value and potential of each individual. In support of this purpose, detention admission policies and procedures shall be objective, equitable, and are not dependent on the race, gender, economic or family status, or geographical location of the juvenile being assessed.

Information about Detention

 The Juvenile Justice Center’s Detention department has met or exceeded every Indiana Department of Corrections inspection since opening in 1997. Detention staff teach and demonstrate the principles of Influence, Courage, Accountability, Respect, and Empathy to residents under their direct supervision.

While residing in Detention, residents will attend 4 hours of school provided by South Bend Community School Corporation. In addition, residents attend 1 hour of physical education each weekday. The Education department can be contacted by calling (574) 235-5395. Please call if you have or want information regarding a resident’s schoolwork or information about TASC/High School Equivalency testing.

Residents in Detention are under constant supervision. They are visually monitored while in their rooms every 15 minutes. If residents are placed on suicide precautions, they are visually monitored every 4 minutes, or more frequently as clinically indicated.

The Detention Control Room at (574) 235-5385 can tell you when visitation is scheduled and whether or not your resident is still eligible for a visit.

When calling the Juvenile Justice Center for information regarding your resident you must provide the resident’s File Number in order to comply with legal requirements, and ensure resident’s confidentiality. You will receive this File Number from the resident’s Probation Officer.

Tours of Detention are available by request; however, tours are not available to juveniles under the age of 18.