Business Incentives


St. Joseph County is very active with working to expand and advance the economic climate and improve the quality of life for its residents.  The Division of Economic Development and the Department of Infrastructure, Planning & Growth are committed to working with prospects and existing businesses to navigate the development process and assist your business with growing in our community. 

The Division of Economic Development spends the majority of its efforts working in four designated Economic Development Areas which are managed by the St. Joseph County Redevelopment and are located throughout the county.  The Division of Economic Development also works with the seven Towns and two Cities when a development project falls within or near their jurisdictional boundaries.  

Economic Development Area Information

The St. Joseph County Redevelopment Commission might also consider specialized incentives if a project is located within one of the County’s four economic development areas. To see if your site is within one of the County’s four Economic Development Areas, please click the following link to view the development area map St. Joseph County Development Area Map

Tax Abatement Program

St. Joseph County works to assist new business who wish to locate within the County and works with existing businesses to grow and expand their operations already located within St. Joseph County.  The main business incentive program available within the County is a our Real and Personal Property Tax Abatement (Phase-In) program.  To view and download the tax abatement documentation, please click the following link St. Joseph County Tax Abatement Program

Indiana Economic Development Corporation (IEDC)

The IEDC programs and initiatives offer business support and expertise to companies that are investing and creating jobs in Indiana. They are working to improve our quality of place, infrastructure, available development sites and regulatory assistance to build economic strength and opportunity that grows and attracts new business and talent.

From decreasing permitting time, to streamlining application processes, pre-certifying shovel-ready sites and increasing access to training and skills, the IEDC is focused on creating new high-wage, high-skill opportunities for the next generation of Hoosiers.  They place special emphasis on the automotive, life sciences, energy, and national security industry sectors, and support companies involved in advanced manufacturing, logistics, information technology and research and development.

Indiana also provides financial assistance to qualified high-tech firms and small businesses and offers a variety of programs to support new business start-ups and business expansion and growth.  Programs offered by the IEDC